Layout, quick hiding/displaying group of layers

is there a way to assign key shortcuts to actions like:

  • hide all layers but ratsnest
  • show only top layer and top silkscreen
  • show only bottom layer and bottom silkscreen
  • show both sides
    etc… ?
    I have such as shortcuts set up in Eagle and find it extremely useful when routing a board. In Kicad, toggling all the layers by clicking a mouse is really slow and annoying.
    I can’t find any obvious way of doing this; perhaps via scripts, but I’m unsure about how to start.

One more regarding the layers:
Though all layers are off (in both Layer and Render panes) I can still see drilled holes and vias displayed - just like here I expect the layout to be completely empty when I unselect all layers. What am I doing wrong here?
Also, page border seems to be displayed (though I edited the page layout in pl editor to get rid of the distracting sheet over my layout) - is there a way to completely turn it off?

There are 2 tabs: Layer and Render. Render for vias, pads, etc.

All layers in both of them are disabled

For Legacy Canvas go under preferences>Display… there is an option. Doesn’t seem to work in OpenGL yet though (can only test nighly version atmo)

And if you deselect everything, the Legacy canvas doesn’t show anything (OpenGL does as you found out).
I guess you’re on OpenGL then?
Might be a bug (or not yet fully implemented)… either way might pay to write a bug report on the bugtracker if you’re concerned about it and want to make sure that a future version doesn’t have this behavior.

Thank you.
Yes, my situation occurs under OpenGL. I thought classic canvas is deprecated; I’m learning to use OpenGL.
Under classic canvas it’s OK and disabling all items in both Layer and Render tabs does really produce no output, as expected. For OpenGL - I didn’t know whether it’s bug, feature or my omission, so I asked here on forum before submitting a bug.

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OpenGL still misses some things Legacy has, so it’s still around as a fall back to get use out of those features (group select for example).