Layout misaligned


I’m working on a layout and just ran into an issue. It seems that the entire layout was moved out of grid alignment. The corners of the planes should lie exactly on the grid’s intersections. Although I can’t remember translating the entire layout I tried to move the layout back onto the 25 mil grid using the snapping function. Unfortunately while moving the layout it seems to snap to an invisible gird having the same offsets as the corners in the image below.

Is there a way to reverse this?

I’ve had issues with the grid in OpenGL canvas, try switching back to the default canvas. I’m never able to reproduce it but then it happens again when I least expect it. Annoying!


  • activate Legacy Canvas
    do the following at the top leftmost corner of your layout
  • create with some graphical lines a cross to mark a point of the grid you want to snap to (outside of your layout)
  • choose a grid that is finer than what you got now until your geometry align with the finer grid points
  • check that the cross mark is also on that grid, if not, choose an even smaller grid
    (KiCAD doesn’t make it easy here, as some steps aren’t multiples of the next steps…)
  • now move the mouse pointer over one of the edges you want to realign, hit [Space]
  • now move mouse to cross mark and read out relative distance for x and y
    (that’s the distance you need to move everything to get it back onto the bigger grid)
  • write the distances down
  • zoom out until you see the whole layout
  • create a selection bracket, starting right bottom to left top (not top left to bottom right!) and end the selection rectangle as close to the stuff you want to move as possible (you can use zoom wheel at the same time to zoom in)
  • select EVERYTHING in the Block Operation window
  • select [Ok] and DO NOT MOVE YOUR MOUSE right now
  • press [Space] again and note the relative coordinate readout jump to 0,0

two ways from here…

  1. mouse moving (needs to stay zoomed in)
  • stay zoomed in and move the/a corner that you want to align visually over the cross mark from earlier
    (that’s why the selection rectangle needs to be as close as possible, as due to the zoom your ‘grabbing’ point is probably half a screen away from the parts you want to align with the cross mark)
  • check that the relative coordinate readout matches your earlier measurements
  1. mouse stays put (can be done zoomed out)
  • hold your mouse steady (don’t move it at all)
  • use the arrow keys to move your selection until the relative coordinate readout matches your earlier measurements

… same from here on again

  • drop the whole selection without moving mouse
  • if it doesn’t sit on the grid hit Undo and do it again

PS: If you select from right bottom to left top anything inside the rectangle will be in the selection, even arcs whose center point is outside the rectangle. If you select any other way then arcs with centers outside the selection rectangle won’t be in the selection and not be affected.


Could you also use the “Move Exactly” command from the Block menu, using the distance you measured?


[Ctrl]+[M] doesn’t seem to do anything on the block for me? (BZR6971)

Anyone know what causes it? I believe it happens while in the OpenGL canvas but haven’t been able to work out exactly when.

Not everything seems to be affected. In my case my board outlines are fine, my zones are right where they should be but most (all?) components have shifted slightly. With components being slightly off grid you get those annoying little track segments from the end of your track to the center of the pad.

Hm… no idea, I do layout 99% of the time in legacy still.
If it’s a bug it sounds serious.
And as we know, OpenGL is lacking the block selection feature still…