Layout, footprint design change request


I miss the following functions while generating a new foorprint.

  • Set origin to pin 1
  • Set origin to center. (where center is the mitt between the existing pads)

I also miss the option to generate a extruded body

  • It would be great to add an extruded body into the footprint without leaving KiCad
  • Extruded body shall be polygon based one and a cylinder
  • The color of the body shall be selectable

That would be very nice.

Best regards


The footprint origin is called “anchor” in KiCad and it’s possible to change it in the footprint editor, it’s in Place -> Anchor or in the right hand toolbar.

If you want something more flexible, you can give a thumb up to

I know this but the feature is to set it to the midd of Pin1 or center.
This costs a programmer nothing more than some time and makes it much more easy to draw a new footprint.

The feature request above would handle that.

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