Layout color plan that really helps me

V5. I have been unhappy with how RED the top copper layer is. I can not see the silkscreen and loose track where parts are. I do not use thermals this makes finding a bypass capacitor hard. One end just disappears. I found under colors “OPACITY” where I changes top copper RED to 75%. Now I can almost see through copper and find where C3 is.
My biggest complaint about KiCad and I can change it. Wish I found this many boards ago.

You can also show the board ‘unfilled’ by using the middle of these three buttons on the left hand side toolbar in pcbnew to hide the fill zones. This makes it substantially easier to see the relevant items.

Screenshot 2021-08-10 at 14.57.19

There are also some alternative colour themes available here which may be more to your taste. I quite like the ‘Nord’ version.

You will love v6 when it’s released (or the unstable development version 5.99 before that). The default color scheme is better and you can set opacity/transparency for zones separately without affecting pads and tracks.


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