Layout array, combining layouts?

Once I have gerber done, what software would you use to create arrays? I was normally relying on factory to do it, but then they may come in different configuration on reorder.

Secondly and unrelated - how to merge multiple gerber files together with routing or scoring between them ?

I’ve used “gerbmerge” (python script) for rectangular boards once. No automatic routing paths, just v-cut.

If you need routed boards on a panel, the only way using kicad is doing everything by hand. Depending on the size of the panel that is a heck of a job.

Please try software Genesis and CAD.

The way i do it is to create a new PCB file, set up your user grid to the spacing between the boards, draw array board edge and keep doing append and drag operation. If you change your design though you have to do it all over again. Thus it is a pain but it works.

Another way to do it with KiCad alone is to invoke its PCB editor by a command line only: pcbnew. And then, you are able to click menu command “File->Append Board” to import your gerber file. And then again, repeat the command for the same gerber file, until you get as many as you want. Warn you though, it’s tedious to lay them in a unified distance between the boards that are appended.

I once used this method for penalizing my boards and got them manufactured without any problem.