Layer Setup Where to find

i wanted to open the “Layer Setup” box in Version 5.1.2 for changeing from 2 to 4 Layer. As mentioned in
other tuturials/topics, there shuld be the Layer setup where the red arrow in the picture
can be found

In my version there is no Layer Setup. Where can I find it?
Thanks for helping.

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There’s only a blue arrow in the picture, and the layer setup is approximately there (inside the Board Setup dialog). Or File -> Board Setup.

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Thanks for the fast answer. Sorry, yes its blue. I wanted to show where normal the setup Menu is.
I also looked in Board Settings. But I can’t find where to set 4 Layers.

Oh, that usability problem again… Click on “Layers” on the left side header tree. It’s a page, not just a top level header.

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Thanks. Problem Solved!:hugs::hugs::hugs: I searched for hours to find it. It’s souch a silly question, but my colleagues also couldn’t find it. Im wondering that nobody before asked this question.

The developers have discussed about those dialog trees. Some applications use this “top level branch is also a dialog page” idea, some don’t. @JeffYoung may be interested in hearing about your experience.

I’m not a huge fan of it either, but it’s the default way that wxWidgets (our GUI framework) works.

We could map the top-level nodes to blank pages to get around it…

Hi, I think its more common to make the top-level node to an blank page and add an subnode(I don’t know if this is the rightword) with Layer setup

The quite very common way these days is to use the top node as basic/default settings tab.
Sub-levels contain additional ‘advanced’ or more in detail set up parameters.

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