Layer Colour Controls

Is there a way to reduce the size of the layer colour icons in the toolbar?

Because, good lord, those are enormous. The Rev 5 interface was much more compact and at least as clear.

(And really title must be at least 15 characters? Does anyone think it would be less clear without my adding a leading 1?)

I will go so far as to say the new interface is less clear. I just had the experience of scanning the list trying to distinguish between icons in shades of grey to determine if a layer was on. The old checkbox was much easier to visually scan

In PCB Editor → File → Board Setup and in Board Stackup / Board Editor Layers untick the layers you don’t use.

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I assume you’re using Windows with a High-DPI monitor. Set Windows to use system DPI scaling for KiCad.

Preferences/Preferences/Icon-Scale – I have mine at 75

@teletypeguy That didn’t help. It made the icons smaller but didn’t change the size of the layer select colour patches.

OMG. In what version it is so?
In V6 (Windows) I have it as:


and never seen such big color boxes.

@Piotr It’s Rev 6. Kicad has enough problems with screen space without adding this.

@craftyjon That’s a little help, thanks. It does nothing for the grey on grey icons (I mean who thinks that’s an improvement over checkboxes) but the colour patches are reduced a little. They’re still way too large.


Quite frankly this whole toolbar change to the layers seems unnecessary and in the wrong direction.

On review the reduction in size appears to be hopeful thinking

Hmm, I have not had an issue in v7 pcb editor with the right-side appearance pane, but I have now opened the v7 footprint editor and the right pane is about three times wider than it was in v6. While the left pane can be dragged narrower, the right one cannot. Hardly any real-estate for editing a footprint anymore (or is there a setting I am missing?):

Yes it can! The drag handle should be to the right of the toolbar icons. It should remember whatever width you set it to.

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Oh yeah yeah – my mistake. Was trying to grab the outer edge. Whew.

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Thanks, Jon. Going to Start menu → KiCad 7.0 (the main application) → Context menu → Properties → Compatibility tab → Change high DPI settings → High DPI scaling override and choosing “System (Enhanced)” did the trick for me. Plain “System” made fonts blurry.

BTW, this should be a little bit better on the nightlies now (without having to set that setting in Windows)

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