Large Through Holes

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I have a board with a large pad (through hole) with a pad area that should be on all 3 sides, top, bottom, inner and connected. The problem is that it comes back from the pcb fab as 3 separate pads that are not electrically connected. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this or is it just a limitation in the fabrication process? See pic for specs:

From my point of view 0.5mm copper on the edge of 60mm hole is … surprising, but why not.
I have never heard about 3 layer boards, but why not.

Something like this might need extra communication with the fab. It is after all more like edge plating at this size than normal through hole. Also consider that these sizes are milled not drilled so tolerances are larger which means the copper restring will need to be larger.

You will have to instruct your fab to do this special, since this is a router+edge platestep, not a drill/plate step.

But why not just use a bunch of small vias around the perimeter on the large hole? Then the manufacturer won’t have to do anything special, and it’s probably faster/cheaper too.

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I see now some use vias for castellation or edge plating. Thanks for the idea!

It will be cheaper as you can get the hole routed out after drilling and plating - it then becomes the standard 4 layer process

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