Language error reported by "Freerouter for .DSN file

Hi everyone,
I am using KiCad (5.1.5)-3 on Platform Windows 8 (Build 9200), 64 bit edition, 64 bit. The KiCad language is set to English.

I am trying to run “Freerouter” on the “DSN” file exported from the KiCad PCB layouter.
The .DSN file is created all right and also stored properly but when I try to run Freerouter with this file, it reports a “language error” and then comes to a halt (terminates??).

The Freerouter error message is attached herewith as a Winword file.

As mentioned above, the Kicad is set for English language and as the attached error message shows "Freerouter is communicating in English.

So, could anyone suggest where do I have to set the proper language so that "Freerouter can run, please?

If it is important, let me inform you that currently my Windows OS language is set as German language. Do I have to setup my Windows OS for English language? I hope this would not be necessary but any advise from your side would be most welcome.

Thanks and best regards

191214 Freerouter error message.docx (30.4 KB)

I find that Freerouter can’t cope with Unicode characters like Ω or μ. It probably can’t cope with your accented characters either. Don’t use them. Freerouter is not part of Kicad BTW.

Edit: I suspect the issue is the Java package was built with ISO8859 charset. Probably a recompile with Unicode instead will fix it, but as I’ve said before, my mugshot illustrates the dictionary entry for lazy.


There seem to be several ‘updated’ scripts, mainly moved to a more recent compiler. No one seems to know of anyone actively developing it though.

Hi Kenyapcomau,
Thanks for your great tip. I had not used any accentet characters in the schematic but since you mentioned Ω and μ i checked in this direction. All decoupling capacitors are disc capacitors in the range of nF or PF so that couldn’t be the issue but I have four Elkos in my schematic where I had used the unit as µF instead of uF.

After correcting these four capacitor units from µF to uF and generating new .DSN file with updated PCB layout , the Autorouter could route the PCB successfully.

Thanks again for your valuable tip concerning Unicode characters.

Best regards

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