Label strings centering

Is there a way to center label strings?
I noticed several times, there is no way to center a string (the string tool in the schematic, button “T”)
Is this on some wishlist? Depending on the strings, some can be configured 3 way in each direction
(left, center right), (top, center, bottom) while others are very limited. Like this one (lef / right only

Beside this, it would be nice to have the possibility to set the centering as a default. Personally,
I would like it to be centered in both direction without havinhg to reconfigure it everytime.


Simple textitem in schematic editor: no centering

Instead of the simple text tool you could use a textbox. These allows centered text. The border can be disabled if you don’t need them.

Beside this, it would be nice to have the possibility to set the centering as a default. … without having to reconfigure it everytime.

maybe interesting: I use a different approach/workflow which works without heavy customization: create the first item of a type (with the desired parameters/settings). For most other items I use copy/paste. Beside of avoiding the customization (only side effect) the most important advantage: I don’t have to remember every hotkey for every item-type. CTRL+C/CTRL+V are enough for most of the work.



Thanks for your reply.
I do also use ctrl-c and v most of the time, especially for adding components.
But also for adding strings, the formatting disappears if used from the menu.
I tried the text field, but this doesn’t solve the problem. If I want to move the text
field, (M command when hovering), then the anchor point is not at the center, but
at the top left.

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