Label references (page / column)

Hi everybody,

Is there a way in KiCad to add reference to a label so I know where it is used?

This would really help with bigger projects.

Thanks for replies!

What do you mean by reference? Something like a designator that increments for each instance?
“Know where it is used” : Would the search function be a solution for you?

Something like that designator or something like “LABEL_NAME (sheet1:A; sheet42:C)” where “sheet” is page name and “A” or “C” is column name.

This would help a person with printed schematics to find where that signal was going / was comming from without the need to review each sheet of schematic.

Search is great when you have full project but if you are repair man on contract that needs to put diagnostics for bad boards you usually get PDF or even printed version of schematics - and thats where the game begins :smile:

That’s called “cross-referencing”. Description in Altium’s blog:

As I understand KiCad doesn’t have such feature at the moment so feel free to file a wishlist bug and we’ll vote for it :smile: