Label Increment : Not occurring

Whether I am using duplicate or copyPaste, my labels do not increment.


Per my KiCad settings, label increment is 1:


Per this quote:

incrementing should be possible.

Auto increment only works during creation of new labels.
I used it to create the column of labels directly connected to the driver IC.

Then I manually created the “RGB” blocks by making a copy of the big columns and sorting them in a different order.

Try this:

  1. Press lower case “L” to create a label.
  2. Give it the name “itsko1”.
  3. Place it somewhere.
  4. Press the [Ins]-ert key a few times.

This results in a column of numbered itsko labels:

KiCad is just a computer program. It can’t look into my mind to see in which order I want the RGB labels sorted.

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I want it all!

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Despite the cold, demanding language I’m using on these forums, I love the program and the labors of the teams of folx, developers and earnest proactive community both, behind it ^ . ^


I also say the above with Insert having been tried and also not worked, but it’s placed in a weird spot on my bluetooth keyboard as a combo button.

I saw no mention of Insert as a hotkey (do you know if there is a function tied to Insert on the Windows version)? And I am also now in the process of trying to track down whether pressing Insert is actually registering as Insert…

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For me it does not matter much, but for beginners it unlocks some features and disables annoying automatic spam filters.

Oh, wait, you already found that button:

Just continue as usual :slight_smile:

I don’t use Windoze, so I don’t know.
You can view (search through, re-assign, etc) all shortcut keys via: Preferences / Preferences / hotkeys

Same, I’m macOS.

Stated here, there’s no Insert key. This checks out:

CMD+D is listed with duplicate, but it doesn’t increment — there’s only a Duplicate and Increment in PCB Editor: