Label and Value Misalignment in Schematics

I’m having an issue in my schematic. Here’s a quick picture of my schematic:

As you can see, the labels and part values for the resistors are not aligned with where they should be in the part specified by the library editor. Sorry, I tried to put in another picture showing the part in the library editor, but I can only put one picture at a time. Nevertheless, the label and value should not be outside of the part. This isn’t just happening with the standard library components but also with my own custom components as well. Why is this occurring, and what can I do to fix this?

You can move these items individually. Note of caution. You may need to change the grid settings to get them where you want them. You will need to put the grid back to 50mills when done or you will have trouble lining up parts and connecting them with wires. If you do this in your personal library for common parts it will save some effort in the future.

In V5 look for this setting and make sure it is unchecked. You can still have kicad autoplace fields with the setting turned off by right clicking and selecting ‘autoplace fields’ or hitting O.


Thanks. Unchecking that box solved my problems.

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