Kv8: missing 'AddPrimitiveArc'

as in the title it seems kv8 pcbnew.py is missing AddPrimitiveArc function definition


PAD object has no attribute AddPrimitiveArc

That sounds like the old custom pad system, which was deprecated in V7 and removed in V8. Probably the new system needs to be exposed somehow. What does your plugin do with custom pads?

Edit: the new APIs are already exposed as Mark writes below

AddPrimitiveArc doesn’t exist at all (not even in C++) in v8.

You have to use AddPrimitive.

I need to create a custom PAD as Arc

that it is what I’m using… simply doesn’t work:

with the error I placed above:

PAD object has no attribute AddPrimitiveArc

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Oh, yeah there is some SWIG wrapper for this function that replaces the C++ :frowning:

Can you please open a bug report for this?

done here:

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I see a fix for this in todays Testing build

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It seems the wizard tool in kv8 now is crashing the app.

uWArc footprint wizard

  • running it simply makes kicad v8 to crash

Please raise a KiCad issue as well. KiCad should not crash, it is supposed to fail gracefully

All bets are off when using the Python SWIG interface, unfortunately. Depending on what the crash is, we may be able to fix it, but it will also generally be the case that Python plugins can crash KiCad until we stop using the SWIG interface.