Know some this SMD Switch [need Drawing to build footprint]


did anyone know this smd switch? I am searching for a drawing to make a footprint.
This switch comes from a chinese ebay seller and there are no additional information.

I don’t want to start a discussion about how sensless it is to buy this parts on ebay, so don’t slap me. :slight_smile:

I hope someone have had this part in his hands and can help me out.

Get yourself a vernier and make some measurements. It shouldn’t be hard to make a footprint for that.

You don’t give any dimensions but try this:

Hey, I literally just received a little packet of those same switches from ebay! I haven’t checked yet, but they look similar to this one


The switch might be known as “KPS-1290”. I just finished doing a footprint, then I discovered SparkFun carry this part, they have an Eagle footprint at in library “SparkFun-Switches.lbr” and the part name is SparkFun-Switches:SWITCH_SPST_SMD_A. Eagle footprint libraries can be loaded directly by KiCad.

I also found a 3d model at grabcad which I converted for KiCad. Sparkfun also have a 3d model. (hey, github shows STLs!)

Here is my version (with grabcad model) sw_slide_7x3.kicad_mod (2.2 KB)
switch_kps-1290-k.wrl (193.5 KB)

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Very big thank you bobc! That is it.