KLC Turns Three


As part of the library overhaul for the upcoming v5 release, the KiCad Library Convention (KLC) has had a major facelift:

  • Rules are now categorized e.g. Fx.y for footprints, Sx.y for symbols
  • Reworking of pretty much every rule to improve clarity
  • Addition of better examples and screenshots
  • Each rule is accessible as a unique URL (the KLC scripts will eventually be able to point users to KLC conflict information)

And, as a present for being so well behaved, the KLC (along with other library information) is now available on the KiCad website!

There will also shortly be an update pushed to the KLC checker scripts:

  • Update rule definitions to match new KLC layout
  • Improved feedback on a lot of rules
  • Fix a lot of false positives (should error-out a lot less often now)

This has been a lot of work and a long time coming. Hopefully more users will be aware that the official KiCad libraries are indeed official, and the new KLC should help to clarify a lot of long-running issues. Thanks to all contributors and librarians who have helped with this effort.

Happy birthday KLC!


Awesome work! It’s so clearly defined and easy to read.


Love the mix of ubuntu/win7 screenshots :hugging:


Very nice! The only thing I might wish for is a more detailed table of contents. (So I could go directly to Surface Mount Components, rather than having to go to Footprint Guidelines and then scroll down.)


There are some OSX ones now too :wink:


Would it be possible to generate a PDF version of KLC.

Is the source for KLC page available as markup or something similar as then I could generate pdf for myself?

I know this is not so trivial as page layout for web and print are quite different, but I’d rather ask first before I generate an internal version of a PDF from HTML, which would be a PITA to keep in sync with future revisions.


I just did a print via the PDFCreator printer driver, looks ok to me.
File is larger than the attachment limit (10.3MB) so cannot attach it.


Here is the AsciiDoc source.