Kitspace/kicad_footprints: A collection of all the footprints

I maintain this collection of “all kicad footprints I know of” and I just updated it. (It doesn’t really need updating as you are free to clone and run ./update yourself but there was a bit of bitrot with the CI check and I’ve added a bunch of footprint libs.)

Please feel free to make use of it and send pull-requests if your favourite footprints are not yet included.

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You could not also add symbol and 3d libraries?
Some sites where you got the footprint also provide the 3d symbols and models.

3d models would be excellent to download in this way.

Nice job

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Thanks, if you can think of a good way to manage the 3d models alongside the footprints, I’m open to it. Some libraries do already include them e.g. the smisoto one (which we include in this collection) but yes, linking the 3d model to the footprint is a bit of pain if I recall correctly (I haven’t tried it in a while actually).

In fact, I was referring to the “smisoto” library.
On the website you will find both symbols and footprint and 3d models.
In the footprint the path is as follows “$ {KISYS3DMOD} / walter /”
it refers to kicad5.x.

For example, in your case it would be necessary to create a folder “3dModel / / walter” or maybe it’s better

leaving “walter” allows you not to have to change all the paths in the footprint files.

I hadn’t seen it, but you’ve already included 3d for “smisoto”.
They are put as he uses them. I think they are fine, use the old kicad5.x mode having the 3d inserted in a directory under the modules directory.

I have verified, and many other libraries have the 3d model present.
I would leave things as the creators of the bookstores set them.

Yeah, I think what’s currently necessary is to copy the walter folder into the ${KISYS3DMOD} folder? Did anything change for Kicad 6 other than the name KISYS3DMODKICAD6_3DMODEL_DIR?

The environment variable “KISYS3DMOD” must be maintained otherwise you must change the path within each individual footprint file.
I don’t know if there is an instrument or kicad can make this change of environment variable.
Once upon a time there was an option to convert old libraries to new ones with new environment variables but I don’t know if it works in this case. I haven’t played with it for a while.

For me, your job is already so good.

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I added a script to associate 3D models to the footprints via absolute paths. It’s a bit hacky but it works:

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