Kitspace BOM Builder


I have been working on a webapp at that makes it easier to select parts (and ultimately to encourage people to put up designs on

You can already open csv, tsv, excel, .ods or even .kicad_pcb file (.sch/.xml coming soon – in the meantime you can use our BOM plugin to export to .tsv). Here is a screencast of me using it to select parts for a friend’s project.

This results in: DVDBreakOut-BOM.csv

I stopped there because I would be happy accept a BOM like this on Kitspace. We would like to automate the supplier selection from a BOM with this much info at some point in the future. None of the info I added to the BOM till this point would go out of date unless you make changes to the design. You can even use @devbisme’s KiField to keep the design and BOM in sync.

The goal of Kitspace is to allow 1-click orders from a BOM like this (the generic components are well understood from descriptions by our parser library Electro Grammar). But in order to buy parts for the time being (most easily done using the extension) we need to select retailer parts.

Results in: DVDBreakOut-BOM-Digikey.csv which you can open and paste into to buy parts.


I was looking by something like Electro Grammar but in Python.


You are not the only one. We actually have two work in progress implementations of making something like this work in Python. One is in the python branch and one in the antlr branch. The first is kind of hacky as it uses lark/js2py to re-use the existing Nearley grammar. The second is a start at re-implementing Electro Grammar using Antlr.

The Antlr re-implementation is still our current roadmap to v2 and would allow for not just Python but also Java/C/C++/Go versions but no one has had much time lately to continue work on it.


FYI, anyone who had problems with opening files and you are using Chrome browser. I found and fixed an issue for that just now.