Kinda Neat to Find My Own Past Comments Helped Me Today

Arduino Uno Header Pin Spacing

The Arduino Uno Digital pin header has an odd spacing. Google sent me to the above thread that I forgot I had comments in that thread; that actually helped me out!

Anyone else do a Google and get your own older text to help with a more recent similar issue?

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Yeah it happened with sysadmin or software I forget which where something i read made
a lot of sense, then I realised it was my comment years ago. :rofl:

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Ohhhh, it happens to us all in time. :slightly_frowning_face:

Actually if you think about it makes sense. If your post was useful, it will rank higher in searches due to backlinks, which is how search engines estimate relevance. So I’m glad my harebrained and stupid comments have sunk into obscurity.

One of these days I’ll have forgotten more than I know. Or maybe I’ve crossed that line already, I don’t remember. :rofl:

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Just curious…what are backlinks ?

These are links from other sites that link ‘back’ to this one. That’s the reason the old domain was supposedly so valuable to people trying to game the search engines. The theory is that if lots of sites link to another then it must be relevant.

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