KiCost update (because of Digi-Key)

Digi-Key changed the format of their webpages, and that broke KiCost so it wouldn’t report any Digi-Key prices. If you’re getting a cost spreadsheet with blank cost information for Digi-Key with version 0.1.16, then that’s why.

I updated the KiCost web-scraper and it works now (until Digi-Key changes their format again). The working version is now 0.1.19. (I had to make a few more fixes to fix my fixes.)


Thank you devbisme! Just a note for those of us windows users unfamiliar with python convention, to update kicost, do:
easy_install -U kicost

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I have used:
sudo easy_install3 kicost
at Ubuntu, normal easy_install didn’t work.


One thing I’ve been thinking would be handy is if kicost had an Octopart use case where it just builds the BOM and quantities in a format that is immediately importable by Octopart. Then It could avoid all the queries all together.

Yeah that was mentioned before. It turns out octopart limits the number of queries you can do and will charge you if you want more.

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Didn’t realize that. Good to know.