Kicost installation

Hello everyone, I’m trying to install Kicost on windows 10 and I’m stuck at the API thing… I can’t find anywhere any file named “config.yaml”. The only files that I could find are the ones shown in the photo attached. Do I have to edit all the files and input the required information? I tried different things and none worked…

When I run the command kicost --show_dist_list I’m getting some warnings and at the bottom there is a list with distributors but I’m not 100% sure if this is the right thing.

I tried using the documentation provided but I couldn’t figure it out. Is there a step by step video (for dummies) that I could follow?

Thanks for your help.

Project source code in GitHub - hildogjr/KiCost: Build cost spreadsheet for a KiCad project.
A quick start (old) video KiCost: Easier Part Pricing and Ordering for Your KiCad Project - YouTube


  1. Generate you XML BOM;
  2. Run kicost -i my_design.xml -o bom.xlsx

As option, you can run kicost --setup to run some integration and include KiCost at the BOM list of Eeschema. Also, only kicost command loads a GUI, instead of run as a CLI (prompt) interface.

This folder that you opened is part of the CI/CD (automatic validation code) that run at Github when it is released a new version of KiCost.