KiCon Videos by Contextual Electronics - Your Favorite One?

For those that don’t know, Contextual Electronics has uploaded several videos of the different presentations during the 2019 KiCon event.

I have NOT been able to watch them all. Of those that I have watched, it was really great to watch (in order of posting date/time):

“The State Of KiCad - V5.1 And Beyond!” - Wayne Stambaugh (KiCon 2019)

“From Idea To Production: Using KiCad For OSHW Design And Mfg” - Piotr Esden-Tempski (KiCon 2019)

“Your Manufacturer Is Stupid - Help Them” - Chris Denney (KiCon 2019)

ALL of the videos I have watched so far have been at least at the “good” level; even:

“Why Auto-routers Suck, And How To Use Them Anyway” - Craig Bishop (KiCon 2019)

Yeah, I did not list a favorite one; it was to close for the top three(3) I listed.

I’m just curious, what video/s would you recommend the community spend their valuable time to watch?

Thanks in advance for participating!



Are there really NO other KiCad forum members that have any interest in commenting on the awesome KiCon Videos made available?

I’ve found them so good that I am trying to make the time to watch them all.

The developer and manufacturer panels were very interesting (along with Wayne’s presentation of course). 5 footprint mistakes and Help your manufacturer were good information for any KiCad user. Some others were good and interesting also. To be honest there were many videos which made me interested beforehand but weren’t so interesting after all. Maybe because there was little or nothing new there or the presentation wasn’t done so well. Some are of course out of my interest (and/or skill) range. For some 1.25x speed is worth trying (and at least one should have been so by default, even when I’m not native English listener).

Tehcnical quality of the videos was good, there were only few problems. Thanks to the staff.

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