KiCon 2023 Location Planning

Hey Folks, it looks like CERN is not available for KiCon this year. With that in mind, we will likely need to have KiCon 2023 in the US unless there is a non-US-based community member who wants to be our “(wo)man on the ground” to scope locations/coordinate things. If you are that person, please let me know.

We have two basic options for a conference in the US:

  • Large metro (e.g. LA, NYC, Chicago)
  • Small metro (e.g. Duluth, Pittsburg, Portland, Cincinnati, etc.)

Large metros have the advantage of direct flights from many cities outside of the US and more interesting things to do before/after the conference. Small metros have the advantage of lower costs for lodging, food, venue, etc. This translates into lower cost of attendance both in terms of individual outlay and the ticket price.

With this in mind, where would you prefer to attend KiCon 2023?

  • Large US Metro
  • Small US Metro
  • Non-US location

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What general time frame are you planning for?

Number of participants?
Number of conference rooms
How big?
Special needs?

How about framing the conference first? Just a suggestion.

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We’re looking at late summer, early fall. Probably between 200-400 people. 1 main hall and 3-4 smaller rooms but this is variable depending on the space we find.

OK, that kind of size falls somewhere between conference hotel and convention center, which is difficult. I’ve managed those kind of arrangements myself and it’s not easy. Let me put on my thinking hat overnight :slight_smile:
Perhaps I have a couple of ideas.
How long does KiCON run in terms of days?

Hi, I just found these forums from “The Python Whisperer Guide”.

Were talks with CERN being held? KiCon 2019 was held at mHub and 2020 entirely online.

These are important considerations, but is it possible to at first seek out organizations that could offer a strategic partnership? If there are universities, fab labs, etc. that heavily use and promote KiCad (teach classes, publish open-source resources), it would be great to bring KiCon to them.

In 2019 the con was held at mHub in Chicago. It doesn’t seem like an inordinately large venue to me.

KiCon 2019 ran for three days, Thursday-Saturday.

Surely a totally online meeting is entirely viable