KiCon 2023 Group Chat

I find conferences way more fun when there’s a shared group chat for all the attendees so folks can coordinate eating/drinking together, travel around the conference, hacking on projects, etc. I couldn’t find an “official” group chat anywhere, so I made a Signal group.

Signal is a nonprofit, privacy first messaging app for iPhone, Android, and Mac/Windows/Linux (though you need a phone number to sign up).

Topics that I’ll be chatting about:

  • I’m flying in/out of Santiago de Compostela on Thursday/Monday nights so happy to share a bus/train/taxi ride with fellow attendees.
  • Where the best coffee shops in Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña are.
  • Embedded Rust.
  • Designing hardware and fieldbus protocol for an open source modular PLC-like system.

Good idea! I’ve joined.


There is no “official” group chat although there is an existing channel on the KiCad Discord. Signal is a good alternative though.

If you don’t use Discord and want me to do so, I can cross-post this info there.

Just joined as well! Thanks for setting it up :slight_smile: