KiCon 2020 will be held at CERN, Sept 11th-13th, 2020

KiCon went really well for a first-year conference last year. We’re looking to up the ante by changing location (continents, really) and bringing conference attendees to some of the KiCad core developers’ home location: CERN! To learn more and sign up for future information about tickets/tours/speaking, check out the conference website:

This was first announced by project lead @stambaughw at FOSDEM a couple of days ago. His slides are available here and the video should be available soon:


Dear Chris,

thanks for sharing the slides, I browsed imediatelly.
What I find a little bit disappointing, that only 2 out of 10 slice cover KiCAD directly.

I would have loved to learn more about KiCADs future plans (Roadmap), especially which features will be added.



Wayne does pretty regular “update” types of talks as well, I assumed this was an effort to branch into more topics. As Jon posted, the official roadmap is the go-to source. If you’d like to see Wayne discussing changes coming up through v6, check out his talk at KiCon last April:


CERN is a bit far for me but if they let me play with the particle accelerator I might be tempted. :wink:


I agree. CERN is about as far away from me as Chicago was to our European friends last year.

I wonder if this will become a pattern of alternating continents every year. Hmmm… If so, maybe Australia should be added to the rotation…

An Aussie KiCon (or South African, or Chinese, or Brazilian or … wherever) is possible if there is a big enough local crowd to build a base of people attending…and you’re willing to organize it.

The downsides of meatspace.

So yeah, let us know!

LOL… I’m nowhere near those places. Hopefully you were talking to the community at large. :wink:

perhaps the organizers could schedule a guided tour to one of the detector caverns for attendees to go and visit.


The FOSDEM video seems to be available:

CERN. Oh my. Are these things still there?

First WWW conference 25-27 May 1994. That was history.

kenyapcomau CERN. Oh my. Are these things still there?
I have not seen them when I was there during the long shutdown last year.

Thanks a lot for this information guys!

Thank you for sharing, that is very interesting.