KiCon 2019 Schedule, Workshops and Tickets


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Early bird tickets end April 15th!



Reading over the descriptions of the talks, I found an ironic mistake. For Elizabeth Bustamante’s talk (about common footprint errors) there is a common copy layout error. The entire talk description is repeated as if someone pressed Ctrl-v twice by accident.

As an aficionado of irony I was amused. :rofl:


You are correct on both counts. That was an error and indeed ironic. Thanks for the heads up.

This is a valuable lesson: the best solution for correct footprints is to have a friend look over them :smiley:


I can attest to that. It is extremely rare that any contribution to the official library is correct the first time round. (Even when the contributor is one of the library team.)
Only exception are scripted footprints as these take care of most common sources for errors.

Luckily for most users the errors made are not bad enough for a design to be unusable as a real process is quite tolerant. Typical errors lead to reduced yield or general difficulties for soldering. (Not something most users care about)


KiCon is a nono for me as I live in Europe, but I’m looking out to vid’s getting recoderded.

Even if it was nearby I’d rather donate EUR100 to KiCad than pay it for entrance fees.

With video’s of such events the audio of questions from the public is often very bad. Which is logical, you don’t want to distract viewers with shuffling feet noise and coughs from 100+ people, but I was wondering.

If a good directional microphone was present then the questions of the public could be picked up clearly and edited into the video before publication.

As KiCad is mostly driven by volunteers, it’s probably easy to ask one of the visitors to point such a microphone at anybody asking questions at the end…


Nothing stopping you from donating from afar! :smiley:

Good point about the microphones. We’ll have video and timekeeping helpers on site, I’ll make sure they both focus on sound.


I agree with @paulvdh about general sound quality at conference proceedings. At many larger conferences, helpers pass around radio mics. Usually two helpers with mics can ensure that questions can be taken quickly and in turn and all delegates can hear. This is necessary for conferences of 200+ but this strategy also works well for recording smaller groups. You may even get away with one mike depending on room size. Don’t forget to ask questioners to introduce themselves.


Hi KiCon admin

I would like to attend to the KiCon 2019 and I am just about to order plane tickets + hotel but I tried to order the tickets for KiCon and I was only offered a waitlist! Is it possible to get a ticket asap since I have planned to attend. I will travel all the way from Norway.


Hi @babjerke! I hope you were able to make it to Chicago. If you haven’t, they are doing a really good job recording the presentations and I believe they will be released very quickly after the event. I understand that part of the joy of a convention is being surrounded by your peers which cannot be replicated by a video. I can’t magic you here, but if you or anyone else in the forums have a question, feature request, or whatever, please put it here. I will try to talk to the organizers tomorrow if you post here, but I know they will check this thread. They spent a large amount of time encouraging participation on the forum and on the codebase because they want our feedback. Best!


@paulvdh, they are doing a really good job with the video and the sound. They are giving microphones to the questioners and paying special attention to repeat the question. This is a great event!


Chris was able to get me a ticket and I am enjoing the gathering. Chris has done a fantastic job to arrange this event!


Anybody still in Chicago? :slight_smile:


@Shack, Sorry we missed you! It sounds like there may be some folks planning another user conference in Malmö for those who couldn’t make the trip over.


No worries :slight_smile: Malmö is an hour drive from me :slight_smile:


Were the talks recorded? Any estimate on upload time if so?


They were all recorded, and need to be edited before they are uploaded. I know this work is in progress but don’t know an ETA.


First two have been released:


nice to see my sticker on the podium desk :smiley: