KicadStepUp — how to load board to exising FreeCAD project?

I’m trying to load several boards (each one from separate Newpcb file) into one FreeCAD project (to create enclosure) with KicadStepUp, but I can not find way to load them as separate parts into one document (project), as each «Load KiCad PCB Board and parts» creates new document.
I could copy’n’paste 3D Objects, of course, but then it will be hard to update boards in FreeCAD after changing them in KiCAD, am I right?

(BTW, “PCB Board” is funny)

I mill my PCB’s so, I wait to make and 3D print my boxes until I’m happy with the PCB results and had time to think about the box. Thus, I have Not tried to update a PCB when in Freecad.

But, yes, you will need to Copy and Paste the PCB’s loaded from Stepup.
Paste them into a File where you’re going to make the Box. Can Drag & Drop them into the Boxes Part file, if wanted.

Vid show two PCB loaded and a Bottom for the Box - did not actually make bosses/etc or adjust the Heights, positions… just show and tell of Two PCB’s and Box start…

the phrase is meant as: “Load ‘KiCAD PCB’ (= the software pcbnew) Board”

Anyway you can add one or more kicad pcbnew board to your FreeCAD design without creating a new doc, simply using the Menu: File-Import instead of the Menu: File-Open

Getting back to a project of re-creating an EKG machine (in Kicad) brought about the opportunity to use the the ‘stuff’ of my recent posts.

The process is iterative and (for me) is more advantageous to:

• Export (from Freecad) the mounts, fixtures… and make Footprints of them in Kicad. That way, they can be placed on PCB and the components can be moved. Versus, loading the stuffed PCB into Freecad and designing the mounts…etc and having to go back and forth…

Why better for me? Because it’s easier/quicker to move parts/footprints (especially if traces are present).

Example below shows in-process and is more intuitive regarding what needs to move and where…

This is the easier way, if you don’t have tight mechanical constraints.

When you need to perfectly fit your pcb equipment into a mechanical box (factory made or new designed), the MCAD / ECAD collaboration process is the suggested way to go.
Within the enclosure and pcb in a MCAD it is possible to check for a required clearance or collisions and with StepUp the user can push&pull pcb outlines, holes and 3d models (w/ footprints) positions between KiCAD and FreCAD, reducing the risk of prototype reworking.

Apologies for being a little off topic, but how did you create the flex/ribbon cables?

I did it in FreeCAD but, all CAD programs can do it.
The elements consist of a Cross-Section of the Ribbon and a Path.
The ‘Tool’ in CAD programs is referred to as a ‘Sweep’. Meaning, you sweep
the Cross-Section along the Path.
When done/exported, treat it a 3D model for a Footprint.

[EDIT} Just posted this with a link to Youtube video