KiCadStepup board fails to load

I get this error when loading a board in KiCadStepUp. Other boards load ok. I removed all of the 3d model library paths, so I don’t think its a particular model causing the problem. Any ideas?

15:04:32  grid origin found @ (-79.2, 61.8)
15:04:32  PCB Loader 
15:04:32  pcb thickness 1.6mm
15:04:32  kicad_pcb version 20211014
15:04:32  parsing
15:04:32  Running the Python command 'ksuToolsOpenBoard' failed:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\ahats\AppData\Roaming\FreeCAD\Mod\kicadStepUpMod\", line 927, in Activated
  File "C:\Users\ahats\AppData\Roaming\FreeCAD\Mod\kicadStepUpMod\", line 6810, in onLoadBoard
    modules,nsk = DrawPCB(mypcb,SketchLayer,override_pcb,keep_pcb_sketch)
  File "C:\Users\ahats\AppData\Roaming\FreeCAD\Mod\kicadStepUpMod\", line 11726, in DrawPCB
    for p in lp.pts.xy:
  File "C:\Users\ahats\AppData\Roaming\FreeCAD\Mod\kicadStepUpMod\fcad_parser\sexp_parser\", line 180, in __getattr__
    raise AttributeError('{}: key "{}" not found'.format(self._line,name))

9349: key "xy" not foundCreated kSU Auxiliary Pref page

Windows 11. KiCad 6.04. Freecad 0.19. KiCadSetup just updated.

I figured it out. I had an internal cutout in the edge cuts layer that was a polygon (not a series of lines/arcs). When i converted the polygon to a series of lines, KiCadStepUp was happy and my board imported as expected. Is this a bug?

@maui created (the awesome!) KiCadStepUp plugin. He would be the one to tag for feedback and is always helpful.

It looks like Python crashed, or had an exception, and that sure looks like a bug to me.

Do you still have the PCB with that faulty outline, or can you trigger the same in a test project?

This: KiCad StepUp | KiCad EDA leads to: Issues · easyw/kicadStepUpMod · GitHub which may be a good place to report it, but aaron’s link to maui may be just as good.

hi @ahatstat
would you please attach a simple board with the issue? I will have a look at the issue then.

did you convert your arcs+lines to a polygon inside kicad? if the segments were in edge cut layer, this command will produce a polygon copy of the lines overlapping the original ones… if that was the case both StepUp and the kicad internal 3d viewer should fail… please try to run a drc on the board… that would help in solving the overlapping issue

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hi @maui (47.8 KB)
Here is a sample project that demonstrates the issue. I did convert arcs plus lines to a polygon, then i deleted the original lines and arcs. On my system this board renders correctly in kicad 3d viewer and passes DRC, but fails to load in kicadstepup.

this sseems a polygon in kicad 6.99 not in kicad 6…
Anyway here a discussion about kicad 6 polygon feature:

as in the discussion, this feature is still on developing…

Please note that if you use any of the grab handles to resize the polygon after it is created, all the arcs will be converted to points. We don’t currently support modifying the polygon while retaining the arcs.

so converting a shape to polygon is still a partially developed kicad feature.
StepUp is supporting the standard polygon with lines but not atm the intermediate feature… I will have a look if it can be integrated

IMO the best way for a mechanical integration is through the FreeCAD KiCAD collaboration… designing the pcb edges in FreeCAD and pushing them to Kicad, not the opposite…
please have a look at

@maui thanks for the feedback. I agree with all your points. It may not be worth fixing. By documenting it here hopefully we can save someone else some time. Do you think it would be worth adding a check so that KiCadStepUp import fails with a clearer error message? Like so the user knows the problem is related to the board outline?

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