Kicad7 update 3d model path error

Hi everyone. I was using Kicad6 and i’ve updated it to verison 7. My paths changed normally but 3D paths didn’t changed. Some parts giving errors. And i want that if someone install kicad7 with user libraries, i want to see no errors. Stock paths are read only. How can i update stock 3D paths?

You can see footprints paths are for kicad7 and 3d models are for kicad6.

Thanks already.

I couldn’t upload second image, it is in comments below.

You can check the kicad7 paths

Your first screenshot refers to a KICAD6_3DMODEL_DIR, and that is probably not defined in KiCad V7.

If those old libraries are still present, you can just define that environment varable in the “Path Substitution”. There is also an Archive 3D Models plugin in the Plugin and Content manager.

Another possibility is to go all the way back to the schematic, and then Schematic Editor / Tools / Update Symbols from Library, and then: Schematic Editor / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic [F8]. This probably updates all V6 schematic symbols to the V7 versions, and also updates the footprints on the PCB (If you select that option during the update!). But I have not tested this.

But there is no single “right” answer. You have to decide whether to keep projects as they are, or update to newer schematic symbols and footprints, but this is at the risk of breaking things.

That’s correct, 3D models are the exception. The 3D model path is stored inside the system footprint file and if there were all to be updated from 6 to 7 then updates would have to be published for all the footprints. Therefore KiCad 7 still defines ${KICAD6_3DMODEL_DIR} as the prefix to the 3D models, to see this just look inside the footprint file and search for the attribute “model”. You cannot modify the system footprints and you shouldn’t need to.

However as it happens I know what happened to your SOP-16 footprint beause I experienced the same problem. It turns out that the correct one to use these days (sorry I don’t know why) is the SOIC-16 footprint, and this one does have the 3D model.

So go into your schematic and replace references to SOP to SOIC.

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Thanks for reply. I’ve updated schematic and pcb already but it is not changing. Maybe plugin works but i don’t want to do that cause everyone can be open files with no error.

I think you also have to refresh the footprint in your schematic from the library. Certainly I’m getting the 3D model for SOIC now.

But not having the 3D model only means you don’t have a preview of the IC.

Thanks for reply. I’ve updated schematic and pcb already but it is not changing. Kicad7 footprint libraries using kicad6 3D models.

There are no 6 specific and 7 specific models. The model files haven’t changed. You didn’t get it. Read my explanation again.

Changed so packages with soic, i can get 3D models. But it is not the real solution. There is no option for other footprints etc relays. I am creating user library and i am adding manually now. Thanks for reply.

Only a fraction of footprints have 3D models. If it isn’t in the 3D model library you have to get it somewhere, adapt it from a published model or even draw your own. That is a whole topic in itself. Then you’ll have to make a personal copy of the footprint and edit the 3D model field to point to your 3D model file.

I fought with the same problem. I have to double check but I think the default libraries from the win installer had “6” in the model path fields.

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The footprints which came with 7.0.0 Windows installer have the wrong variable in the 3D model path, so does the 7.0.1 tagged version in gitlab:

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KiCad automatically sets the v6 variable to v7 path internally if the v6 variable has not been explicitly defined. The problem appears if the user changes the path, which I apparently have done. Those using default setups don’t see a problem.


I daresay all the platforms. Certainly in my Linux distro.