Kicad6 To Altium Converter PRoblem?

Hi all…

i used Kicad well…and i upgraded Kicad5 to Kicad6.

i have some problem abont kicad6 to Altium converter.

when i used kicad5, Kicad to Altium converter is converted well.

But, when i used kicad6, kicad6 to Altium converter is strange about PCB.
PCB is not display anything. Just i can see Edge line. No trace and No device.

SCH converting is good.

Is it normal??

This is probably a problem with the KiCad file importer in Altium not being updated to accept the new V6.x.x format.
I think posting on an Altium forum would get you more help.

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Yes, that’s right.

Come to think of it, I think so, too.

When will Altium update the kicad6 importer?

Thank you.~~

Ask Altium, you are paying for the support in expensive software

Yes right.

I will ask to altium, thanks

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