KiCAD6 String replacement for multiple Hierarchical sheets

Hi I love the string replacement feature of KiCAD6.
But at the moment I’m trying to create a multilevel shematic and would love to share variables over multiple levels of hierachical sheets for easier naming. Like following:

| Right
| | Top
| | Bottom
| Left
| | Top
| | Bottom

And the goal is to name every symbol in for example Right Top like: “R_Right_Top” automatically.

Is this possible?
At the moment I’m only able to use variables inside one Layer of a sheet and the outer variable dosen’t get replaced “R_${Side}_Top”
Thanks for your help.

It’s difficult for me to follow your line of thought. Could you attach a zipped example project which shows what you are trying to do, what doesn’t work and for example with extra text items show what you want to have?

Thanks for your response. I can’t upload the example here directly because i’m new. But I uploaded it to my google drive:

Hope you understand it now.

You are now a basic user.

OK. So, it’s not possible to define a variable in an upper level sheet properties and use it in the deeper level, for example like this:


Location2 would get the value of Location, where Location is defined in the upper level sheet properties and this is in the deeper level. “Location” isn’t visible at all in subsheets and can’t be used directly in text items, either.

You can file an issue for this. To me this looks like an oversight when the string replacement feature was implemented, but I’m not sure what @JeffYoung would say. I was involved heavily, giving feedback reports when Jeff implemented this.

ok thanks for your time. It would be really great if it even would work like you suggest.
I’ll create an Issue.

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