Kicad5.999999 How to rename a net [solved]

OK here is the deal. I have a net names SCL – it goes to a cpu and to several i2c devices. Most of the devices have a little “stub” wire that I have dropped the label “SCL” on so that they were all the same name. I have the board laid out, all is good. Now my boss wants the schematic updated and the net named I2C_Bus_1_SCL how do i do this?

BTW I am a refugee from the Eagle camp (Death to Autodesk!) the Eagle way was to just re-name one net, and it would ask if this change was to be sheet-wide or project wide or just that net… Not so in Kicad…

If I change one of the “stub” labels the rest do not change. How can I do this renaming such that PCBNew dosen’t take a total sh*t when I export the nes list, given that I am somehow able to replace all of the net names the “easy” way.

Edit > Find and Replace should do the trick.

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Damn! that was easy!!! Thanks!!!