KiCad won't allow me to place connection to small pad

So I have this really small MMA8453Q Accellerometer IC on my board that I want to connect to a microcontroller. But KiCad won’t allow me to connect anything to it’s pins. I already have the smallest possible track (0.2mm) selected. Is there any way to get around that?

I found out what was wrong. It didn’t allow me to place it because the pad clearance was too high. I changed that by double clicking on the pad and changing the “Pad clearance” to something lower.

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“something lower” which your fabhouse can do I hope?

Yeah, I use JLCPCB and they want a spacing between connections of at least 3.5 mils (0.09 mm).

Be a bit careful here.
There is a difference between what those cheap fab’s are willing to accept and what they can do reasonably reliable. It’s just hearsay, but apparently you increase the chance of shorts significantly if you work at their limits.

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Manufacturers often have different “minimum” and “recommended”, and they may have different prices. The price difference may come, at least partly, from the relative amount of non-working boards which they ditch away. I don’t think (in the case of JLCPCB) that the broken boards reach the customer. We never have had problems with JLCPCB or PCBWay boards in that respect, even with the minimum values for certain price group (and we go to the limits pretty often).

BTW, JLCPCB minimum spacing of 3.5mil is for multilayer boards. For 2 layer boards it’s 5mil. Multilayer pricing is considerably higher.


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