KiCad with LINUX & RADEON?


my old Athlon runs still quick with MINT XFCE and KiCad and a GF9600.

But I read about Problems with the NVIDIA drivers and I have encountered problems with the nuveau driver and 3D screenshots in the 3D viewer myself.

Therefore I wonder if I should buy my next PC with radeon graphics ?

Is there anyone out there who has some experience with radeon+linux+kicad and can give me a recommendation or a hint what to look for ?

What problems with Nvidia ? To date they are the only ones that really honour the ogl spec

In my case the original driver runs well with KiCad but system stops while playing videos. Nuveau does videos fine but creates distorted KiCad 3D pictures.

I alway had NVIDIA for my PCs, just wanted to know if a change is recommendable (or otherwise…)

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