KiCad Website Documentation TOC Obfuscation

I just had a look at:
and while trying to read some documentation a big part of the text is covered by the “Table of Contents” popup window.

I can (proably) download the pdf, but it is not possible to read the documentation online because the text is covered by this TOC window. This happens in both Opera and Firefox on my Linux box, and I can’t figure out how to close that index. Esc, does not work, I see no close cross or button.

Am I missing something obvious here, or is this a bug on the KiCad website?
Maybe some add blocker or other setting on my PC is interfering with the “close” function of that popup.

Same happens in windows (both firefox and edge)

I suggest creating a bug report. (not sure if this should go to github or launchpad)

With Firefox, as a workaround, I disabled the docs.css .main margin property (originally set to “auto”) with the web development tools, so the main content is now left aligned (and not centered anymore).

I understand it’s only a temporary fix but it may help.

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