Kicad Webpage developers needed!

Hi all,

The stable release is coming soon, but we are still missing a clear and simple website, presenting the features of Kicad, an extract of project status and simple links for downloads & donations.

Therefore, we, the Kicad devs, are asking for your help! Are there any folks here with web design skills who would be willing to contribute to Kicad’s webpage?


PS. Here’s my small attempt to make a simple website with Bootstrap link, but I lack graphics design skills and time to finish it…

I have already taken this task.

Work is ongoing on

If you are planning on moving KiCad development to Github (maybe you already have), can you use their Github Pages stuff to generate your website? I think that would work as long as you’re doing a static site.

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@Nick - you could’ve told us on kicad-dev - as far as I understood you only said you’re going to take care of the markup documentatin…

Anyway, help is always welcome.


I believe this is on the roadmap, but not there yet. I like the idea of using GitHub for creating and maintaining a landing page.

Also, welcome Tom and Nick, glad to have you guys here!

I did a in the same thread as you send that link earlier.

Hi Tom,
I’m glad to know a new stable release is comming. However I would rather to put efforts in arrange the fragmentation of the Kicad community support. Here’re some support channels we can find right now:

  • Kicad INFO
  • Launchpad
  • kicad-users (Yahoo group)
  • GitHub
  • other?

From my point of view I would keep the Kicad INFO for most users and Launchpad for developers and bug report. The rest just adds confusion and duplication of information.

gaston is not an official part of the project, just a resource set up for users to discuss. continues to be the official home of information about the software, I believe that is what the discussion is about here.

All the places are good resources. We can’t just ditch some services. What we can do is to explain the purpose of each instead.

And someone has got to teach people on the yahoo mailing list to not keep posting all the content of the post they are replying to.

The same goes for posting html emails there.

Sometimes one has to go through pages and pages of “old crap” just to get to the new content. It is not hard to add a “plain text domain” in the mail client.


Well, I suppose I’m accustomed to use centralized rather than distributed resources. But besides madworm’s explanation what’s the difference between INFO and kicad-users? I have to admit that is hard to understand using Yahoo in an open source project.

They are two different technologies. One is what many people associate with a “forum” and the other a mailing list.

Ok, Thank you all for the clarification. I wasn’t aware of this point.

FYI there is a preview at

Nice job. A lot of work went into that.

That turned out really nice! And you listed us as a user forum! That’s awesome!

Also, as Wayne (project lead) mentions here, people can help by submitting tickets and doing in line edits on Github

seems like the new webpage is already online :slight_smile:

And it’s looking good! Really good work folks!