Kicad Verbose Mode for 3D Viewer?

Hi all,

is there a way to get the 3D viewers’ error messages displayed?

I have problem where the 3D part is displayed in the Libraries’ viewer but not on the rendered board. I checked the paths and even redid the complete board, deleting the old file to make sure there is no residual old path. Other components are shown on the board.

As mentioned above the paths should be fine, otherwise the parts wouldn’t be displayed when I edit the part in the library viewer.

I’d like to see an error output of the viewer to have an idea what’s wrong. Starting kicad with -v from the console doesn’t work…

Thanks for help!

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Is the component virtual in the layout and the corresponding option unselected in the viewer settings? In that case it’s not visible.

None of both, but for some reason “show SMD models” was unchecked.

Feeling stupid and grateful.
Thx a bunch!

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I believe there was some popup messages in the beginning fo the development but as it was not user friendly it was removed.
Maybe you want to fill a request (in KiCad Launchpad) for a proper UI log as you request :slight_smile:

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