KiCad V8 Copy V7 & Settings

During the first run of V8 users are asked if they want to copy the setting from version 7 which is great but very few settings seem to be copied.
I have several libraries I have created my self, with various addition symbols and footprints in, these are pointed to by the data set up via Manage Symbol Libraries and Manage Footprint Libraries. None of this data is copied across not the libraries or path substitutions.
There is no quick way of doing of moving this data.

you can try copying fp-lib-table and sym-lib-table files from the kicad configuration directory. that’s quick enough for me.

very few settings seem to be copied

I know of only 3 things which are not copied automatically:

  • symbol library table
  • footprint library table
  • hotkey settings

If you open the global Preferences you get a dialog with a button “Open Preferences directory”. This directory contains the 3 files you have to copy (see answer above from Claudio):

The problem with that is that a where the standard libraries have changed between the 2 versions you lose the changes.

Basically all the ones I use.

i see. for me that is sufficient, since i use only custom libs.

There’s a separate option to copy an existing sym/fp lib table when KiCad first encounters those. If you copy the old one you’re probably going to need to do some manual edits to fixup the variables, but nothing too hard.

hotkey settings are deliberately not copied, but you can copy them yourself if you want to.

I suggest to not copy files over each other. Use a sourcecode comparision program such as for example meldmerge

paul@cezanne:~/.config/kicad$ meld 7.0 8.0

This shows configuration changes easily. For example, in the fp-lib-table file there is a syntax change. In the V8 variant the double punctuation marks have been removed:

Also, Because all configuration files are neatly stored together in a directory, you can rename that directory to make a backup. If you then start KiCad afterwards, it starts again as if it’s the first time and can regenerate a configuration directory with defaults.

You should never change the default libraries.
If you want to change a symbol or footprint from a default library, then first copy it to a personal library, and make the change in your personal library.


I never said that I had altered a default library. I fixed quite a few problems with the 1G & 2G 74 series in a separate library and sent it to be added to the libraries but it still waiting in a queue and now someone has put in a later minor mod, so my version won’t be merged.

Did you have any problems with the libraries?

I’ve just copied mine across and my PCB layout now has all the descriptions visible. This applies to all libraries, not just my own. The show description is not set.

If it is a known problem let me know, otherwise I will report it.

How is the setting in the appearance panel–>objects–>HiddenText?

It is switched on in both 7 & 8 but in 7 what shows up is

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