KiCAD V5 Stable huge problem with wxWgets

Hi guys,
On my workstation (Win10x64, GTX1070, 32G RAM) Ive installed V5-Stable and V6-nightly in different folders.
Open allready existing project, pcb/and use right click to change grid produce wxWidgets-3.03 error (see addad screenshot) on V5-Stable.
V6-Nightly (r10788) not reproduce this error at all.
Any idea?
Best regards,

Download v5 from kica-pcb web page again and re-install. The installer package has been fixed.

Ill try it right now and let you know :wink:

Had you searched this forum for “wxWidgets” you would have found this post.

And there would have been no need for another thread on the same topic.

Issue is gone.
THX a lot!!

@1.21Gigawatts: I just downloaded new installer package and uninstall/reinstall (in my case I just moved KiCAD-V5 folder in thrash and installed on my workstation one more time- thats it.
Error is gone!

That is not how one should uninstall applications. A lot can go wrong that way. There is a reason for the software center to exist.

That’s true, although in this case it works because install/uninstall procedures are identical. But next time use the uninstaller. Otherwise all the start menu shortcuts, the uninstaller etc. are left in the system even though the KiCad itself is gone.

@eelik : Im professional electronic developer with over 17 years daily experience with Altium (started from Protel), in between Eagle, Pulsonix.
Let me know if I can help, please.
Bestregrards from Germany,

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