KiCAD V5 and V7 on the same MacBook Pro ARM

Hi All,
Do you know if I can install and have working both version of KiCAD 5 and 7 on the same MacBook Pro ARM machine?

I would like to switch from 5 to 7 (to work with a native ARM application) but I want to be sure will be no impact on old version as I have a lot of projects developed using V5.

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Yes you can. You just need to rename at least one of them before dragging to the Applications folder.

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Additionally, if you have the project in a directory and the project is V5, when you save-it from V7 you’ll overwrite the files to the new format or both files will be kept there? The same thing happened for parts schematic and layout or 3D symbols?


In general the files will be overwritten, so you always need to work on separate copies of a project if you are trying to use both versions.

There are caveats; for example from V5 to V6 we changed the schematic file extension, so it won’t overwrite the old V5 schematic, but that is only because we happened to change the file extension and this should not be relied on in general.

I also have some directory with some personal schematic symbols libraries, layout and 3D models. Those will be automatically converted from V5 to V7 and should I duplicate them too?

Thanks again and Most Appreciated!

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