Kicad v4.0.7 pre compiled for ubuntu


Can someone tell-me where can find kicad 4.0.7 in tgz for ubuntu?


I have already Nightly Builds, but sometimes need use the 4.0.7 to open or fix the project from my colleagues.

js-reynaud has several repos, nightly build and 4.0.7 are two different.

However, if you have a nightly build on Ubuntu and need 4.0.7 too, it’s difficult. The pre-built packages replace each other. You have to compile from the source and install in /usr/local/ or install in a virtual machine.

Can have both versions installed?
I did have kicad-2013-07-07 extracted and was useful.

If you install .deb packages from an Ubuntu repository or js-reynaud’s repos they are all different versions of “kicad” and can’t be installed at the same time. What do you mean by “extracted”? What kind of package did you use?

Having multiple installations of kicad on the same system was discussed a lot here. Main problem after solving the issue of getting multiple binaries installed is that different versions use the same config files slightly differently.

The best option is to run one of the installation (the one you don’t use so often) in a virtual machine.

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sometimes i use this version:


I like to know if exists identical file for 4.0.7 .

It doesn’t.
I keep some versions of kicad in the same machine with kubuntu:
-a nightly version installed from repositories (automatically installed at /usr/bin/kicad)
-v4.0.7 installed compiling from the sources (automatically installed at /usr/local/bin/kicad)
-v2013…BZR4022 installed from the .tgz file (installed at /usr/local/kicad/bin/)

V4.0.7 and nightly share some settings, like the list of recent opened files and the environment variables.

This is a bit offtopic already, but I don’t know a better thread to talk about this. In a recent dev list discussion the Ubuntu packager Jean-Samuel Reynaud told about his intention to make packages which can be installed at the same time. I told about the concerns about config files. Then Nick Østergaard said:

“You can just set a different XDG_CONFIG_HOME.” (Environment variable.) I don’t know what platforms this works on and haven’t tried it.

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