Kicad v.7.0 rc2 - PCB Layout saving windows configuration

Hi, I’m evaluating v.7.0 rc2, at a first glance it works fine for me and I find the new features really useful.
I especially like “Properties Manager” and “Search Panel”.
Having three monitors, I detach these panels, as well as “Appearance” and “Selection Filters” and I place them in a side monitor keeping the main window full screen on the central monitor (on the third monitor I eventually open the schematic).
Unfortunately this configuration is not automatically saved nor have I found a way to save it manually, so I have to re-establish it at every start.
Does anyone know a way to save the configuration of these windows?
Thank you

… save the configuration of these windows?

You have to install Kicad v8 or kicad v9.
The handling of these side-panels is not completely programmed (partly due to the used programming-framework). This issue is tracked on gitlab (Finish AUIManager impl (#2381) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab), but currently no timeline is assigned.

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