KiCad user Discord server

Hi everyone,

There is now a KiCad Discord server, thanks to work by @esden and @marekr

Discord is a real-time chat platform that offers some nice features relevant to discussing software such as built-in screen sharing / video chats.

This is not intended to “compete with” or replace this forum, or the #kicad IRC channel. It is simply another option that is now available. I personally think it is good to have both forums and real-time chat:

  • Forums offer better search, more permanence, and a nice way to keep things organized into topics/threads
  • Real-time chat offers a nice way for people to get quick answers to simple questions
  • Discord in particular offers things that IRC doesn’t: embedded multimedia, text formatting, and video calls / screen sharing. These things can really help when discussing graphical software like KiCad.
  • There is an established community of open-source hardware developers using Discord already, many of whom are KiCad users and some of whom already hang out on this forum as well.

Use this link to join:

PS: to save time, I will go ahead and post some responses :slight_smile:

  • IRC is better
  • email is better
  • Matrix is better
  • Proprietary software sucks!

Almost all techology sucks. I recommend BBS.


Even better. asmBB.

Thank you, craftyjon. How do I sign in ithere if I already have a discord account (username & password) ?

You should just be able to click the link and accept the invitation, does that not work?

It asks me for my name, which I type into a dialog box, then asks for my birthday, which I enter using pull-down widgets, then it displays another dialog box titled “Create your own discord server.”
The first choice is in the list is “Create My Own”. The second choice is “Start from a Template” and the choices listed are
Study Group
Artists & Creators
Clubs, and
Local Community.

UPDATE: Okay, I signed up using a different email than the one I originally used for the Adafruit channel (or whatever it’s called). Thanks, craftyjon.

For those that are trying to figure this out. If you already have a Discord account, but following the the discord invite link shows you the registration page like this:

Click on the Already have an account? text below the large continue button. This will lead you to a login page like this:


There you can log into the existing account you have and add it to your account server list.

If you have a desktop discord app installed, the invitation link should automatically open in your desktop client.

I hope this helps. Otherwise there is also pretty good documentation for Discord.

Looking forward to the new chat server! I am sure it will be a lot of fun! :smiley:


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