Kicad Tools - My BOM Plugin and other


Hi all,

this is my first plugin for Kicad, a tool for creating BOM and convert Eagle .lbr to kicad .lib

fully functionnal but the function grown and i work for export BOM to mouser and other suppliers.

a little video for you !

Edit : i update my github with first release for win user !!

See you later !!

ps : sorry for my english !!


I’ve release a new version with directly generate bom from kicad schematic.

In future, i want to integrate a tool for convert a PCB into footprint.


Nice, I was thinking about a similar tool.

Do you plan to translate all your work to English?


Yes, i want to integrate i18n for other language !

If you want, i see that in priority !!

But my English is bad and I don’t know other language !!! :wink::wink:


I’ve done some minor corrections. Hope you don’t mind. If you do, let me know and I won’t do it again.


hi Hermit,

it’s possible to send me a detail of fix ?


PS : i have integrate the i18n and it work on several page. actualy , EN and FR are supported !!


I just meant some of your ‘English’. Spelling mostly to make your post a little more readable.


Ah !! ok , no problem and sorry , i try to write an english readable lol !!!



It’s all good. Your English is better than my French. Welcome to the community.


The tool grow,

i have add the i18n part for internationalization ( FR and EN at this time ) and the Price of each components in the bom !

The price go from mouser in USD for one parts !!


Hi all,

I have worked on the search price when i generate a BOM !! and it’s work with Mouser API !

just a little video to use the BOM Plugin
especially for KARL :wink::wink:


hi all,

after few day , i worked on PDF export with BOM

You can see a little video to present it.