KiCAD Style Guide


Does KiCAD have a Style Guide/Branding Guide/Design Guide? Example from Spotify

If not, what are the primary and secondary RGB (or any format) color codes, and where would I small the “Ki” logo/icon (the small logo excluding the Cad, preferably in SVG)?

I just did a quick search and found:

Is there a file for just the Ki without the Cad? Also, are the colors on that logo the brand colors?

For a file without the “CAD”, just use any drawing program that can modify SVG files.

After a bit of nosing around on gitlab I found:

Because it’s from the KiCad website itself, it’s probably as close as you get to “official”.
Color of the blue square is the same as in the other logo ( #314CB0) I have not compared the other colors. For the rest, Open Source projects generally do not have much of a budget for marketing, and it is not something I know much about either.

There is a mail address for PR stuff on the KiCad website:

Thank you! I wasn’t able to find the logos in the source code, so your help is appreciated! I’m going to just assume the logo colors are KiCAD colors, works for me!