KiCad stops Responding while trying to load a Symbol Library

Basically, I am trying to load a custom symbol library to create a keyboard pcb, but when I use the symbol tool and select the library, the whole of KiCad stops responding and nothing fixes it, leaving me to close the application and try again.
Is this a common issue and does anyone know a fix for this?

Did you make this library or download it from somewhere else? Also, move things around to see if somehow a popup window popped under something. I’ve noticed with some choices open nothing else seems to work until you close it.

This is a library that I downloaded from GitHub, following a keyboard pcb tutorial( I used this library ( One other thing that might help is that in the tutorial it kept talking about component libraries, but I saw no options to add them in KiCad so i assumed that they were renamed to symbol libraries. I will try and see if there is any error window

Update: I have no clue how but it suddenly started working, even after successfully re-creating the scenario at least five times before. Thanks for responding anyways!

Take note. That seems to be for Kicad V4. Lots of changes in V5.

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