Kicad StepUp - VRML recommend Materials?


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what is currently the preferred way to add colors to a custom designed FreeCAD model?
are there recommendations?

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What is your freecad version?
What workflow do you use for designing? (What workbench, what features of it)

I personally design my models using the part design workbench. In it i make at least one body per “color”. I then assign random colors to the bodies in freecad. (in the tree view, right click -> random color) During the export step i then assign the color that should be used in the exported file.

Instead of random colors you can also set a color per “feature” (or body if you only use part design) in the combo view. Just choose easily to distinguish colors such that it is easy to know what part should be exported with what color:


Just adding few words to what @Rene_Poschl already posted…
After having assigned different colors to faces/bodies, with StepUp, if you have selected the option to epxort wrl materials, you will be prompted to a list of materials accordingly to kicad material convention.


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iam most of the time using the FreeCAD Daily builds - currently this is

Version: 0.18.14220 (Git)
Branch: master
Python version: 2.7.15rc1
Qt version: 4.8.7
Coin version: 4.0.0a
OCC version: 7.3.0

i also use the Part-Design workbench. (exclusively)
currently i assign a material with the Appearance context menu option:

this gives you a dialog with access to all the values:

and a list of 'predefined materials:

if i understand @maui correct the assignment to Kicad material convention is only possible on export?!
would be great to be able to assign the materials directly during building :wink:
where is this list of materials maintained?

thanks for your help!!

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Here the doc about Materials:

Wrl materials doc

I think it would be possible to add these materials to FC materials… I don’t know if materials can be loaded/saved in FC
About StepUp the list is coded inside the main python file. Just search for materials inside.
Would it be possible to have the doc in libre office format, for future additions? Thks



Would be nice if you make modification to let me know so I will also update my documents and pdfs.


made a PR to add your docs to the official packages3d repo