Kicad Stepup Tracks and pads missing

I have a small pcb that sits on the back of a motor and gearbox assembly. It has 2 connectors and a couple of pads as well as a footprint that has a couple of slots in the pads for the motor connections to attach to.
If I load it into Freecad with Stepup the board loads fine but the tracks and pads do not. If I remove the motor footprint the pads and tracks load fine.
Does anyone know if there is an issue with loading a pcb with slots with stepup?
I don’t seem to be able to attach files yet.

Just worked out how to upload images :slight_smile:
This one is the 3d view in Kicad, for some reason the slots dont show from the front but do from the back

This is what it look like in freecad when opened with stepup

This is what it looks like if I delete the motor footprint

I think it is that custom pad in the middle.
The parser for custom pads doesn’t cover all manner of custom pads. There is a tweak to have the plugin ignore such features and just carry on so that you end up with a partial representation.

Hi yes, it is a custom pad. Do you have any info on the tweak?

@636Steve would you mind to post the board or the footprint?

@maui I have sent you a message, thanks

I made a similar fp using polyline pads instead of primitives…
Then the traces are loadable in FC
I just modified your fp to have mask and paste only on a small portion of the pads (as I think it was your intention from your fp)
The internal fp cuts doesn’t appear on the pads, still if they are in pcb.

I’ll send you my FC & KC files

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Thanks will take a look

I haven’t looked into the details of that curved slot, but have you verified that your manufacturer of choice can mill a slot of that width at the pre-plating drilling/milling step? Or if they can at an extra cost, are you willing to pay for that up-charge?

Hi, Yes it is a board we have already had made but I needed to export the .step to be included in some assembly drawings. :+1:

Ah. I didn’t get that you had the board made. No problem then.