KiCAD StepUp: No Component Models

Simple problem: KiCAD StepUp does not load any 3D models of components. The board has the holes and that’s it. I get the following error message:

How can I get a proper 3D model?

you need to configure in “ksu-config.ini”
your kisys3dmod path or 3d model prefix path or 3d alias

have a look at
for some advises…

feel free to ask in case you may need further assistance


In addition to what @maui already wrote:
Some of these models do net yet exist as step files. (The pin headers are not yet merged.)
Others have been added after the last kicad release. 3d models are not updated automatically.
You might need to download the newest library either from the main lib repo or from the new packages3d repo. (The later one has not all 3d models in it. It only includes models that have step files.)