KiCad-StepUp: Missing footprints and paths

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firstly, I want to thank everybody who was and still is involved in the development of KiCad. It is a very nice and powerful tool !

I just try to export my KiCad PCB board as CAD file (*stp) using KiCad - StepUp in FreeCad. I just can export the board and the parts but I can’t see any conductor paths or footprints. It is possible to export the footprints and the paths automatically ?

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Stepup is not meant to include copper, silk or mask layers. It is meant to include the 3d models that are assigned to the footprints (wrl file ending is replaced by step) and the board it self (the area enclosed in edge cut drawings plus drills given in through hole pads)

For what purpose would you need these layers? (There might be a better way to get there)

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Hello Rene,

thank you for your quick reply :-).

I just saw some pictures in google of KiCad CAD exported boards with nice looking (rendering). Maybe it was rendered with Blender ?! So how can I render the boards with Blender ? Is there any interface between KiCad and Blender ? I could not find anything useful about this.

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The easiest path from kicad to Blender is through Vrml export. Blender can import kicad vrlm exported files.

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If you want artistic rendering, you should export a VRML file. (Export… VRML).This can be imported into Blender for further processing. STEP files are mechanically accurate and are useful for checking how your board fits with other components but lacks the material rendering data.

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